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ARAWC Works to Gut Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The ARAWC (Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation), a lobbying group financed by almost two dozen major corporations including Walmart, Lowes, Macys and Kohls are working to make it harder for injured workers to obtain lost wages and medical care. A recent…

Trucking and Auto Accidents

Trucking and auto accidents result in some of the most devastating injuries. If the accident happened while working, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. There might also be a second claim against the other driver….

Mediation and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Mediation is an avenue to resolve disputes in workers’ compensation claims without the need for a hearing. This process provides the parties a way to resolve a dispute so that a resolution is reached between you and the insurance company with…

Occupational Diseases in the Workplace

With all the news today surrounding the cases of healthcare workers contracting Ebola, you may wonder if you are eligible for workers’ compensation if you contract a disease as the result of your job.  The answer is yes, this may…

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